Workshop for children

We invite you to register for a small film workshop “Child from the film planet”.

You get the chance to shoot your own short film under the mentorship of experienced professionals. And to find your way to visual expression, visual culture and the process of creating a film.

The workshop lasts 4 days, each day covers working with a mentor, each segment of the process. The first day with the screenwriter imagining and writing, the second with the producer dealing with preparation and logistics, the third with the director filming the day, the fourth post-production with the editor and colorist. After the workshop, we show your works on the big screen in the Cineplexx cinema.

Record yourself on your mobile why you would be a good candidate and what you would like to make a short film about in the duration of a few minutes. You can attach other materials, already existing works, drawings, photos, writings, etc.

The workshop is free and takes place on the weekends of April 22 and 23 and 29 and 30. The announcement of the chosen ones is on the 18th. We accept two girls and two boys up to 13 years of age.

Send your applications to the email:

7k Competition

Our second ambitious venture.

The task was to tie 7 x K into a synopsis and a treatment.

7 x K: Kosovo, C(K)ooperation, C(K)omedy, Kolo, Kress (sema), Kleptomaniac, Krempita.

The winner is Emilija Kvochka with her work Duhovska Ruza.

Second place Dragan Stankovic for KKKKKKK, third Mirjana Milenkovic for Decija Igre.

As part of the prize Emilija got hired to work on the script that we will make into a feature film.

Expect Duhovska Ruza in cinemas.

Rock video competition

Our first undertaking, a rocking start.

Rock Video Competition had a surprising response from the bands and results we are proud of.

Marina Uzelac for Seine, Sara Radojkovic for Savana and Aglaja Filipovic for Duda Burzujka.

We’d like to make it a once a year event.

Seine - Rijec

Duda Burzujka - RKRV

Savana - To Je Ljubav