Fikus was planted in 2010. in Belgrade.

It has been watered plenty, well-kept and nurtured, and having done a lot of thinking, it is ready to flourish into films, no less.

Strange little Fikus. 


Quality is our goal. There will be many film with smaller budgets, and some with not so small. But quality films, we hope. So called quantlity. 

We have an exceptional young team ready for any challenge and undertaking. Take care of your jewllery, watches and wallets from our producers. One especially likes expensive broaches. 

In any case…

Our mission is humble and simple: to conquer the world.

But eliciting a nice smile is enough also. 

Our weapon is films and ficuses.

An unheard of combination.


Ulica Kneza Mihaila

Romantic comedy

One evening.

One street.

One romance.

Chewing Gum

Romantic comedy

An offered chewing gum from the pocket

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy

Will they only be one another’s toy

Or will they launch the rocket

The Sky over Belgrade

Romantic comedy

Over Berlin angels become humans.

Over Belgrade humans become angels.

God forbid, everything is upside-down in Berlin.

We’re very sorry to Mr. Wenders.

In Development


Children's comedy

Children’s film about snowballing with the planets.

Directed by Filip Djordjevic.

Your Excellency Dementia

Black comedy

A renowned English authoress gets the bad news.

A diagnosis that makes it hard for her to finish her last work. 

And a symptom that makes it easy for her to make it a master-work.

There a battle ensues where modern medicine humbly accepts defeat from the magnificent magic of words.

And tea with milk at 11:00.

Fat Pirate

Bitter-sweet comedy

End of the sweet 80s. 

“Fat Pirate” is a famous video club in Belgrade, with a selection for kids, adults and everything between.

A little mistake by the employee Danica “Little Star” leads to a big misunderstanding between kids, adults and everything between.

The consequences are of the catastrophic genre for kids, adults and everything between.

But maybe a funny VHS tape changes everything.

Even the bitter 90s. 


Divine comedy

The Christmas tree in the centre is decorated with glistening colours, Ferkan with little and not-so-little sins. 

Ferkan is a wonderfully (self)destructive cleaner of city cleaning department who gets fired by his big-nosed boss with an enigmatic sentence:

 “It’s not only garbage that’s garbage”

And his reply along with a phlegmy spit on the forehead:

“Your mother is garbage, your dad is racist, you big-nosed bastard from hell”

Ferkan celebrates New Year with a new job that opens new doors…


Fucked up Particles

Subatomic comedy

If you are positive you have to get close to the screen.

If you are neutral you have to get a magnifying glass.

If you are negative you have to put it under a microscope.

Consult your ophthalmologist, you might have issues with sight
Fucking fucked up particles.


Comédie française

Elle s’appelait Aurore.

Character from Lika

Strongest comedy

Strongest is the character from Lika.

Who messes with him, there’s no unmessing. 

No clean up can fix it.

Strongest character.

Full stop.


Full stop