Dreaming films.

Developing television.

Dealing equipment.

Delivering plants.

We're kind.

Fikus was planted in 2010. In Belgrade. It has been watered plenty, well-kept and nurtured, and having done a lot of thinking, it is ready to flourish into films, no less.

Strange little Fikus.

One new leaf for Fikus.

Actually old, but it is no longer time for him to have shy intentions. We love spending our summers at Ada Bojana.

Started by a director in 2010, in his living room, it has grown into something much bigger, thanks to you, our clients.

And now he can eat lunch in peace. Thank you. 

Our little florist sells only Ficuses, hand groomed by our grandmother Jelena with a lot of patience, care and love.

She’d easily be envied by the royal Gardeners.