Our little florist shop sells only Ficuses, hand groomed by our grandmother Jelena with a lot of patience, care and love. She’d easily be envied by Imperial Gardners. 

There are over 850 species of ficuses and however much we’d like to have them all, we’re not a Botanical garden, and grandmother Jelena chose 5 representitive kinds.

Best to pass on what grandmother Jelena says:

Apart from aesthetically contributing to your living space, as you probably already know, every plant helps with the quality of the air, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

And so continues wisely grandmother Jelena:

So refresh and ennoble your home

Delivery is free, exclusively by an electric vehicle.

“Stay green.”



One of the most popular room plant.

Great variation in leaves from light to dark green as well as sizes and shapes.

Very easy to maintain, very grateful.”

Says grandmother Jelena, and continues:

Ah, if only some men were like that.



Rubbery, rubber.

By the way, the nickname of my second husband

Says gradnmother Jelena, and continues:

And I needed a man of steel

Tall, big leaves, put aside a lot of room.

What’s the use… weakling“.


Loves to be in the sun the whole time.

And never to be thirsty nor hungry.

Just like my third husband from Montenegro


Newer kind of exotic origins.

“Well, the fourth husband was certainly young…

Leaves have a dose of poison that stings the skin.

… but toxic



I was too young

Conlcudes grandmother Jelena in slight regret. 

In any case, I don’t regret it

A smile comes back to her face.

Neither will you if you buy any of the Ficuses